Difference Between Hybrid Vehicle And EV

Difference between EV vehicles and Hybrid Vehicles



We've all been excited about what the future holds for electric and hybrid vehicles, but you don't have to wait any longer. The future and Toyota's electrified vehicles are here! And these models are delivering it all: affordability, fuel savings, maintenance saving, range, comfort, style, and power.


It's everything a gas-powered car or truck can deliver and then some, and it truly is where the industry is heading. Did you know that by 2030 there'll be 125 million hybrid and electric cars on roads all over the world?


At Toyota of Greensboro we wanted to run down the types of electrified vehicles that are available to you so you'll know which one might be just right for you.  And with the Toyota Battery plant coming to Greensboro, Toyota of Greensboro has been an integral part of welcoming them to the area. 



When you're looking at hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, you're still looking at a vehicle that's 100% gas-powered. But when you're driving around the city at lower speeds, an electric motor kicks in so the car is using as little gas as possible.


Is the reason you haven't gone electric because you don't want to have to plug in your car? With hybrids, you don't have to. The car's brake system generates and saves electricity to a small battery!


Hybrid Selling Points:

       You fill up with gas just like always, but very, very infrequently

       It's the most affordable way to get into electrified vehicles

       No hunting for or installing charging stations


Plug-in Hybrids

When you're looking at a plug-in hybrid vehicle like the Toyota Prius Prime and Toyota RAV4 Prime, you're looking at what's called a PHEV. It uses gas, but this time there's a bigger battery that does need to be charged from an external power source.


The benefit of that is as long as there's a charge in that big battery, the vehicle will never use gas or the gas engine. If you do run out of juice, the gas will get you to wherever you're going. As you've probably guessed, using gas only when it can't be avoided means your trips to the gas station will be truly rare.


Plug-in Hybrid Selling Points:

       Estimated annual fuel costs for a 2021 Toyota Prius (hybrid) is $900 whereas for a 2021 Toyota Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid), it's $650

       It's no problem if it runs out of electricity

       The gas engine is always there for mega-distance drives

       There are some really sweet federal and state tax incentives available. Ask your Toyota of Greensboro dealer


Super Bonus!

Electrified vehicles have much lower maintenance issues and costs than conventional cars. For instance, because of the regenerative braking technology, your brake pads will last a lot longer. According to Consumer Reports, on average, hybrid and plug-in hybrid owners are paying half as much as gas-only owners for vehicle maintenance and repair. And the warranties are incredible. All 2020 and newer Toyota electrified vehicles come with a Hybrid Battery Warranty covering 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Electric Vehicles (EVs)

When you're looking at an all-electric vehicle,, you've taken gasoline completely out of the picture. The battery is big enough and the electric motor large enough that these cars will give you all the range and acceleration you need for any kind of outing. Toyota's newest All EV will arrive in 2023: the bZ4x


EV Selling Points:

       Zero tailpipe emissions. It doesn't get more environmentally friendly

       Acceleration is smooth, quiet, and instant. You won't even feel any shifting

       No more changing oil, replacing spark plugs, or changing the fuel filter

       Your car gas bill goes to zero.

       EVs have gotten more affordable because the cost of lithium batteries has gone down

       Range. The average for most electric cars is 200 miles. How many miles a day do you drive?


With EVs, having readily available charging stations does become more important. You can install a charger in your garage and charge up every night. Or you can use the Internet to find one of the increasing number of charging stations you see popping up all along the road.


You've Got to Come See and Feel These for Yourself!

As you can imagine, with every new electrified vehicle that comes onto the Toyota of Greensboro lot, our people get a little bit giddy. It's fun watching science-fiction become a reality, and as these vehicles become more and more accessible, we want you to experience them too. 


Contact us or come on out to Toyota of Greensboro to explore the world of Toyota electrified vehicles.