Powerful, fully electric, fuel-free, emission-free Battery Operated vehicles by Toyota!

It's never been more possible to leave gasoline and gas engines in the rearview mirror. Many car and truck buyers are making the choice to go with fully electric vehicles that deliver all the range and power you could want for nearly any activity.  Toyota will be delivering exactly that with the new BZ Series coming mid 2022. 

What's the attraction?
Zero tailpipe emissions. ZERO
Smooth, immediate, and quiet acceleration with no shifting
No more changing oil, no more replacing spark plugs, no more changing the fuel filter
Takes you farther for less. The Department of Energy estimates fueling an EV costs half as much as a regular car
Cost are coming down as the cost of lithium batteries come down
Lithium battery technology is getting better by the day
The range you need at an average 200 miles

Toyota is a leader in electrification and sustainability. That's been the case for our existing electric-only vehicles like the 2022 Mirai. But the bZ series is taking us to a world that goes well beyond just being satisfied with zero emissions.

In addition to Toyota of Greensboro anticipating the arrival of the BZ line of vehicles, they are proud to represent the top dealership in the Greensboro area anticipating the arrival of the new Toyota Battery Plant which will produce the batteries for most Toyota EV's made in the Southeast and Beyond.  Mary Rice is involved in the community and has been an integral part of welcoming Toyota production to the Greensboro area. 

The modern SUV that represents the next step in Toyota's electrification journey. What do YOU care about most?

Spacious Interior and Advanced Technology:
Attention-getting sleek lines and the available 20-in. wheels accentuate a powerful SUV stance.
A spacious interior is warm and comfortable, and outfits you with five USB ports and 164 Qi wireless charging. Get a wide-open view of the earth you're protecting from the fixed panoramic moonroof. The 12.3-in. Toyota Audio Multimedia touchscreen display puts everything within reach and all your devices are welcome, with standard wireless Apple CarPlay® compatibility and Android Auto™ connectivity.

Smooth acceleration, instant torque delivery and oh so quiet. You'll roll with that for a manufacturer-estimated above average driving range of up to 250 miles. bZ4X will be the first Toyota vehicle with the brand-new e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform. This puts the battery low in the chassis, which gives you more space and a lower center of gravity you'll feel in every turn.

The environmental impact
ZERO CO2 emissions. Our air will thank you.

Safety and Reliability: 
bZ4X is the first vehicle to introduce Toyota Safety Sense™ 3.0 (TSS 3.0), which takes what was already an impressive suite of safety features and enhances them even more. 

Lower ownership costs: 
In addition to potential Federal and State incentives to purchase an all-electric vehicle, preliminary expectations for the bZ4X include a lower overall service and maintenance costs.

And this is only the beginning. Toyota is ready to debut multiple all-electric vehicles in the coming months and years, including:
A wider bZ lineup, adding a mid-size sedan and a three-row SUV.
The first all-electric Lexus SUV!
A collection of battery-powered sports cars, compact vehicles, a commercial van, a pickup truck and an off-road-oriented Cruiser EV.

Hear more about the Future of Toyota Electric Vehicles & their impact on North Carolina from Mary Rice, General Manager: