Rice Toyota can help you find a Reliable Used Car, Truck or SUV

There are a lot of options when you’re in the market for a used vehicle. But the smartest, safest choice is to check out the used car inventory available from Rice Toyota before you move on to riskier shopping methods.


A car or truck purchase is a very big deal. That’s not just true for new vehicles. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is still a major and serious purchase for the vast majority of Americans. That’s why where you buy your used car matters. You want to drive away with the reassurance you got the car you need, in the best condition it can be, at the best price, from a dealer who won’t disappear after the sale.

Why Used?

 There are many reasons someone might choose to buy a pre-owned vehicle rather than invest in a brand-new car, truck, or SUV.


  •       For many, their current financial situation makes purchasing a used car a much more achievable and responsible endeavor than overextending themselves to buy a new vehicle.
  •       You’re going to avoid rapid depreciation
  •       You’re going to enjoy lower insurance rates
  •       You’re going to get out from the under the frequent and expensive costs of keeping your current vehicle running.
  •       You’re going to capitalize on the fact that because today’s vehicles are built better, they’ll be reliable much longer than your current car. The average age of vehicles on U.S. roads is 11.6 years and rising.


Private Seller vs. a Dealership You Know and Trust


Having made the decision to purchase a used vehicle, the next decision you have to make is where to turn first in your search. The options have become vast (and confusing). Sure you can go onto any number of websites and find a private seller or sketchy dealership with “great” cars to sell you. And yes, you could buy a used car out of one of those vending machine car sales companies. Just know there is a price to pay for not going first to a known and trusted dealership that’s been satisfying new and used car buyers in NC for years and years.


Private sellers may or may not give you the complete information you need. So you waste a lot of time dealing with sellers who turn out to not be right for you.

Rice Toyota values your time and gives you everything you need to know about the car, and we’re ready to quickly answer any question you have.


Private sellers can be sketchy. And remember, you’re probably going to have to eventually meet these people somewhere in person. You don’t know their reputation. And you don’t know how happy their previous customers are.

Rice Toyota is embedded in the fabric of the Greensboro/Winston-Salem community and has been for years. We’ve earned a solid reputation built on satisfying countless numbers of your neighbors in the past, with a commitment to maintaining that reputation with every future customer. Our sales consultants don’t even work on commission, so all they’re thinking about is getting you the used car that’s just right for you.


Private Sellers will each do things a different way. They aren’t accountable to any professional practices. Will they haggle over price? Are they honest about the car’s condition? Do they know how to properly handle the bill of sale and title transfer? Will they let you have a mechanic check out the car?

Rice Toyota gives you a comfortable, quality, consistent experience with every interaction. It’s our obligation and responsibility to make sure the car looks and runs beautifully. And because we do this multiple times every day, we make the legal and administrative part of it a breeze. 


Private Sellers tend to vanish after the sale, leaving either no way to contact them or no responding to your attempts to reach them.

Rice Toyota isn’t going anywhere. The people who helped with your car purchase will either answer your call immediately or get right back to you.


Private Sellers mostly aren’t interested in buying your old vehicle.

Rice Toyota pays instant cash for all makes and models of vehicles, no matter what the brand. Selling your car on your own is a huge, time-consuming headache. With us, you can avoid all that as our appraisers give you top dollar right on the spot.


Private Sellers aren’t going to finance your purchase.

Rice Toyota offers easy and competitive financing for both new and used vehicles, all coordinated by our financing department so that you don’t have to call or go anywhere else.


Private Sellers will laugh right in your face if you ask if they’ll give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied.

Rice Toyota offers a 100% money back guarantee or exchange within three days or 300 miles. You aren’t hallucinating. We said 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OR EXCHANGE.


Don’t Make Things Hard on Yourself


When they weigh the effort, time, stress, and risk that goes into buying a used car or truck from someplace other than a trusted dealership, most car shoppers come to the conclusion that a purchase this important should be conducted properly.


Rice Toyota’s top priority is providing customers in Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Winston?Salem, Burlington and Oak Ridge, NC, with the best car?buying and service experience possible. With stress?free shopping. Contact us today to see the amazing lineup of used cars, trucks, and SUVs that are available for you!


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